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Re: m68k and lenny

* Stephen R Marenka (stephen@marenka.net) [070413 14:38]:
> It appears that m68k has been dropped from the testing suite. What do we
> need to do to get back in and release with lenny?

That are two different questions obviously. :)

1. To get back to testing: Basically, the release team didn't mind the
state we had with m68k in testing recently - basically, we just ignored
it, but it was still there. The release team didn't asked for full
dropping from testing, we just didn't mind either way. We also wouldn't
mind for m68k to be back in testing - as long as we can just continue to
ignore it.

2. To get released (or a realistic chance to): Basically, make sure that
the toolchain works (see the other mails), and get really fast buildds
(otherwise, the security team would probably veto the inclusion). The
second might happen with Coldfire, but - the how is your part, not ours
(i.e. if you do it some other way, that's ok as well of course).

Having said that, I can understand if the ftp-masters don't want to have
an architecture be in testing unless there is reason to believe it is
possible to include it in the next stable release, but that's not the
domain of the release team.


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