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Hints for packages with udebs

Please hint the following packages that are blocked from migrating to 
testing because they van a udeb:

unblock dhcp3/3.0.4-14
unblock discover1/1.7.20
unblock discover-data/2.2007.03.22
unblock libusb/2:0.1.12-6
unblock nano/2.0.3-1
unblock openssl/0.9.8e-4
unblock thaifonts-scalable/1:0.4.5-3
unblock ttf-indic-fonts/1:0.4.8
unblock xfsprogs/2.8.18-1

I could not check if those packages may be blocked from migrating for 
other reasons because p.qa.d.o is currently unreachable.


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