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Re: texlive plans for the lenny cycle

Hi Marc!

On Don, 12 Apr 2007, Marc 'HE' Brockschmidt wrote:
> We would like to know which major upstream versions of texlive are
> expected to be released in the next 24 months and how much time you
> expect them to need to get stable enough for a Debian stable release.

I expect that in around 12-16 month there will be a new TeX Live
release. How long it will take to get it into stable release state I
cannot guess, especially since we have no experience. The switch from
teTeX to TeX Live currently going on will give us some experience.

TeX Live (upstream) has quite regular release cycles, and it was an
exception that there was no TeX Live 2006 in December 2006. So we
(upstream) named it 2007 since we were already in 2007. Next release
should be more or less in one year, maybe earlier. This we should get
into lenny. So to make it short, I hope that TL2007 will *not* go into
lenny, but TL2008.

> Our current, very rough plans would mean a release in 18 months with some
> padding in both directions, which would lead to a lenny release around 
> October 2008. We expect to shuffle this a bit around to fit everyone's 
> needs, so please tell us if this date works for you.

Sounds like we can make it without too much problems. Of course it
depends on when TL2008 is released.

Best wishes


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