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[SRM] Please accept kernel-wedge (2.31) for Etch

We've just noticed that the version of kernel-wedge used to build the Etch 
kernel udebs has not been unblocked for Etch. Our mistake, but this 
really should be fixed as that version should definitely also be used for 
stable kernel udeb updates.

So please advise how we can best get kernel-wedge (2.31) into Etch. Is an 
upload needed or can it be accepted from testing?

Note that it is not an urgent issue for the update of kernel udebs for r1 
as I can just make sure that I use the correct version locally when 
building those udebs using my 'massbuild' script.

Joey has set a block hint to prevent any new versions from migrating to 
testing until this is sorted out.


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