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Re: Please consider ipmitool version 1.8.8-3 for etch

Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> I just fixed a serious bug in ipmitool version 1.8.8-3, making sure
> the monitor starts as it should with a commonly used setting.  Please
> consider accepting it into Etch.  This is the changelog:

Already in testing for i386 and amd64.

>   ipmitool (1.8.8-3) unstable; urgency=low
>    * Ported fix to ipmievd from upstream version 1.8.9 (Closes: #408536):
>      - fix ipmievd fd closing bug.  Patch from Rupert Hair.
>    * Started using dpatch to apply patches.  Added dpatch to build dependencies.
>    * Add powerpc to the list of supported archs (Closes: #405455)
> I also added powerpc to the list of supported archs, as there is no
> real code change.  If you have contact with the autobuild maintainers,
> please get them to build ipmitool for powerpc and ia64.

Sorry, but this won't be of high priority. You should first ask one of the
Packages-arch-specific maintainers (listed on top of the file) to change it
accordingly and it will be build on powerpc and ia64...



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