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Would you allow some last minute changes to doc-base?


Yeah, I know it's probably too late for some non-RC fixes. 
Nevertheless I'd like to ask you if you would accept the 
following changes to the install-docs program. 
The first change is targeted for the future etch to lenny upgrades:

Index: install-docs
--- install-docs	(wersja 20)
+++ install-docs	(kopia robocza)
@@ -682,6 +682,10 @@
   $doc_data = {};
   read_control_file_section($fh, $doc_data) or die "error: empty control file";
+  if (defined $$doc_data{'version'}) {
+      warn "skipping $file, because of unsupported Version field\n" if ($verbose);
+      exit 0;
+  }      
   # check for required information
   ($docid = $$doc_data{'document'}) 
     or die "error in control file: `Document' value not specified";

The aim of this change is to skip any doc-base file that contains
a Version field. I think adding such a field would be necessary to
add l10n with po-debconf support to doc-base files which in turn requires
joining the Title and Abstract into one field (see bugs #171373, #171375, 
and #171378). Even though install-docs is very tolerant of various
errors in doc-base files (like some fields missing, unknown sections, 
nonexistent registered files, etc.), it will fail if the Title field is

The second change (already uploaded in 0.7.23) is for quiting install-docs,
i.e. not to display possibly annoying warnings upon other packages'
installations, because as I've recently checked, still quite too many 
packages (126 of 1242) tries to register nonexistent files with 

@@ -715,12 +719,12 @@
     my $ok = 1;
     if ($warn_nonexistent_files) {
       if (defined $$format_data{'index'} && ! -e $$format_data{'index'}) {
-        warn "warning: file `$$format_data{'index'}' does not exist";
+        warn "warning: file `$$format_data{'index'}' does not exist" if ($verbose);
         $ok = 0;
       my @globlist = glob($$format_data{'files'});
       if ($#globlist < 0) {
-        warn "warning: file mask `$$format_data{'files'}' does not match any files";
+        warn "warning: file mask `$$format_data{'files'}' does not match any files" if ($verbose);
         $ok = 0;

Best Regards,

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