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Please consider multisync0.90_0.91.0-3 for etch


the state of phone/pda-syncing software is a bit miserable in Etch right

The old multisync source package is still available, but it is
unmaintained upstream, and the syncml and palm plugins had to be removed
due to RC bugs and nobody porting them to the new libpisock.

Opensync-0.19 plus its plugings are in Etch, but already several
upstream version old and not really that mature.

Even worse, the GTK GUI in multisync0.90 is not really adequate for
release - e.g., it cannot really configure plugins in the GUI (right
now, I can't get it to configure them at all - earlier, it would spawn
an EDITOR session on the terminal you called it from with the XML for
the user to edit).

I have uploaded another version of the GUI (mostly a rewrite though, I'm
afraid) to unstable two months ago (but already during the freeze) and
it hasn't attracted any new bugs so far.

As we were in a freeze already, I thought it was too late for it to go
into testing.  However, some days ago I talked to upstream again and
they were shocked we shipped the current version in testing and heavily
discouraged that.

I talked to my comaintainer Robert Collins two days ago and we agreed
that the old version really isn't worth a release and decided trying to
get the new version into Etch and Feisty.

So, what do you think?  Another alternative to talk about would be to
remove Opensync entirely from testing, but this would leave people with
the old multisync as pretty much the only (and inferior) alternative,


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