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(Release Notes) What should be upgraded first: kernel or userland?

Hi there,

There's a very important section in the Release Notes with a FIXME:
Upgrade your kernel or userland first?

Based on #413458 (undeclared linux dependency on etch coreutils, affects
upgrade path?) I would assume that it would make sense to first upgrade the
userland, as not having a proper version of coreutils would make the kernel
upgrade fail. 

However, users running with 2.6 kernels in Sarge and upgrading, might
encounter issues with udev (it does not support versions prior to 2.6.15 and
sarge provided 2.6.8), as described in #325568 (Upgrade path for udev needs

It has been reported (in #396331) that a userland upgrade without upgrading
first the kernel would remove the *running* kernel. This was fixed in
aptitude 0.4.4-1 (bug #386307) which was allowed into testing. (Is a newer
release going to be accepted, BTW?)

So, what should we document? Or do we need more upgrades testing before
resolving this?



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