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Re: Bug#413661: libblkid1: leaks memory like crazy

On Tue, Mar 06, 2007 at 10:44:55AM -0500, Theodore Tso wrote:
> Yikes, what blkid function is rpc.mountd calling all the time which is
> causing this kind of memory leakage?

blkid_probe_all_new() seems to be the one. It happens at every mount and
umount, I believe; it's not like it's being called all the time (it leaks
much faster on busy systems than on almost idle systems, AFAICS), it's that
it leaks so _much_ memory all the time.

> Oh, I see, because nfs-kernel-server 1.0.10 is in testing, and 1.0.12
> is in unstable.  I assume it's unlikely that nfs-kernel-server 1.0.12
> is going to migrate to testing?

I was originally planning to ask for an exception (with associated RM bribes,
the diff is quite large), but given 1.0.11's and 1.0.12's track record so
far, I think that's quite far-fetched, yes.

> OK, release managers, the memory leak primarily occurs in the device
> mapper probing code, and an additional leak when there is a partition
> which does not have a valid filesystem known to blkid.  rpc.mountd is,
> as far as I know, the first long-lived daemon using blkid, and it's
> apparently using it in a somewhat "interesting" way which is the
> system to constantly reprobe the disk information (if it is leaking
> megabytes per minute).  The patch looks reasonably sane and low risk
> based on a on-paper examination of the code changes --- but if
> nfs-kernel-server 1.0.12 isn't going into etch, I'd say it's
> borderline whether or not we include this patch into the e2fsprogs
> upload I was about to do.

FWIW, I agree with this analysis, possibly except the part about mountd's
usage pattern. :-)

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