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Please unblock abook 0.5.6-2, t-prot 2.3-1 and ldapvi 1.6-3


 I hope it is well received that I try to combine them in one mail
instead of wasting your time with three seperate mails.

 -) abook 0.5.6-2: po-debconf translation updates, typo in english
template fixed, and the mutt config snippet now works

 -) t-prot 2.3-1: new upstream version, though this only contains
documentation fixes, including one important for upstream, with respect
to the copyright file.

 -) ldapvi 1.6-3: contains a fix for a buffer overflow which was
reported to upstream so it doesn't has an entry in our BTS.

 Neither of them has any reverse depends, so they are standalone and and
update of them doesn't impact any other packages to my knowledge.

 Thanks in advance,
DPL has 5 RC bugs! News at 11!
                    -- antifuchs in #debian.de about regulating
                       maintainer-behavior in the policy

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