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kernel-patch-openvz and new patch revision


I have got a request from upstream to change the patch revision
from 028test007.1 to 028test015. The reason behind this is that
it is "definitly more stable" than the 028test007.1 version and
have a number of bugfixes corrected.

So I want to ask you if it is ok to upload a new version of this
patch for etch, and if you will accept it.

The following is done as release testing for all versions of the
kernel patch package:
* Check that it applies
* Build kernel using the default kernel configuration for
  - ia64, 486, 686, k7, amd64 and sparc
* Test built kernel for 486 on target installation.
  - Check that VE starts, stops and that it is possible to
    login and list processes, find all files and similar things.

I know that we are close to a release, so that is the reason why
I'm asking. I would like to have this package as stable as possible
before we release.

If you need more information, you can contact the project manager
of openvz Kir Kolyshkin <kir@openvz.org>.


// Ola

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