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Re: question on new mplayer

A Mennucc wrote:

I prepared a new version of MPlayer ; here is the discussion of the changelog;
item are in decreasing order of importance


  * (possible) security fixes  backported from SVN
     7585  7586  7591   for  libavcodec/h264.c
     7640  7650         for  libavformat/asf.c
     all thanks to Michael Niedermeyer

I was asked by Moritz (of security) to apply those patches
and to try to get them into etch

 * Czech debconf translation;  thanks to Miroslav Kure (Closes: #408626).
 * Portuguese debconf translation; thanks to Traduz! (Closes: #408449).
* Swedish debconf translation; thanks to Andreas Henriksson (Closes: #407864)
these are usually OK for etch

 * binary_codecs.sh should specify umask;
    thanks to Linas Žvirblis (Closes: #406346)

this is a very small change: I just added 'umask'
 * clarify dependencies (do not pick up them randomly!),
    thanks to EspeonEefi (Closes: #405170);
    debian/rules: when configuring, disable also: arts , jack , aa , dv , smb
    debian/control: depend on: lzo, speex, dts, ladspa, gl (mesa)

unfortunately mplayer's configure is quite good at picking
up dependencies ; and I do not have HD space to run a pbuilder;
so different versions of mplayer that I uploaded ended up being
randomly dependent to different libraries  :->
I tried to fix that, and make sure that what I build is deterministic
(and coincides with what is autobuilt)

 * the above adds opengl video output (Closes: #400934).

in the process, I added this dependency, as requested by an user.


please tell me if the above would be accepted into Etch ; if not,
please tell me what I may include and what not

Please upload so we can look at the actual diff, most things mentioned look acceptable at first sight...



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