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Re: Please unblock fonty 1.0-23.6

Christian Perrier wrote:
>> --- fonty-1.0/debian/control
>> +++ fonty-1.0/debian/control
>> @@ -18,7 +18,6 @@
>>  Architecture: all
>>  Section: devel
>>  Priority: extra
>> -Depends: ${fonty-dev:Depends}
>>  Suggests: fonty
>>  Description: Tools for developing fonts on Linux console
>>   This package contains Tools for developing console fonts:
>> This doesn't look right nor intented, does it?
> Hmmmm, actually in the former version, the debian/packages did not
> include the Depends line, so I think that the difference in
> debian/control does not really matter. If you look at both binary
> packages, they have the same dependency.


> This package is built with yada, you know...:-(

That explains it all >-|




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