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Please unblock gchempaint 0.6.6-3

Please unblock gchempaint 0.6.6-3:

gchempaint (0.6.6-3) unstable; urgency=low

  * debian/patches/04_fix_406405_invisible_grouped_text.dpatch: Added.
    - plugins/selection/group.cc (gcpGroup::Add):
    - plugins/selection/group.h (gcpGroup): Get all grouped elements
      (closes: #406405). Thanks to randall for reporting the bug.

The bug fixed wasn't tagged important, but it is annoying. gchempaint
does not have any reverse dependencies and it is now in Sid for 10 days
without any error report. Please unblock it, the bug fix will not hurt
anybody. The patch can also be reviewed at

Regards, Daniel

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