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Re: Bug#400952: rc order of portmap,nis,autofs

This one time, at band camp, Mark Brown said:
> On Thu, Jan 25, 2007 at 01:35:20AM +0000, Stephen Gran wrote:
> > I may be missing something, but why does it need to be moved?  It starts
> > in rcS as well as rc2, so this should only ever be an issue in the rare
> The more noticable issue is the collision between nis and autofs.  Both
> run at level 19, neither runs in rcS.d and autofs is frequently used
> with NIS maps so wants NIS to be started before it.  It's this that
> drives moving portmap.

OK, I understood this as solely a portmap issue, so that clarifies for

> > cases when you have to switch to runlevel 1 and back, right?  This seems
> > like a rare enough occurence I'm not sure it's worth worrying about too
> > much, but I may be missing something here.
> I worry that while this is a rarely used feature the people who use NIS
> are more likely than most to be among those who do so.

Yes, I suppose this is probably true.  My memories of NIS do involve
some single user mode work :)
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