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please allow hylafax 2:4.3.1-7 in etch

Hi release managers,
I would like to have the latest version of hylafax in etch. The new
version, 2:4.3.1-7, does have a few important fixes. Here is a summary
of the difference with the version currently in testing:

1. "faxlock", a new binary, was missing from the package
2. more conversion rules are added in a configuration file (this is for
converting various image formats to PostScript)
3. while updating hylafax-server there were two restart. Now the first
one has been omitted.
4. there was a mistype variable name in hylafax-server.postinst.

Moreover, the package has been in unstable for 12 days, and all the
points above are presented as bugs #405036, #405145, #405220, #405237.

I used this package in sarge and etch for 10 days in four production
environments, so I think the package is good for etch.


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