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Please unblock kernel-package/10.066


        I have just uploaded a version of kernel package that contains
 updated spanish man page translations, as well as typographical

        It also contains a number of bug fixes, which correct real
 problems in the package; and in each case I have tried to balance the
 upside with potential impact on things like official kernel images
 and the installer (none of the changes should impact either

        The fixes include adding missing arch specific scripts to the
 header packages on ia64; required for third party compiles; and the
 lack of which makes the headers package on ia64 useless.

        Also unblocked are header, doc, and manual packages for Xen and
 UML, which make it possible for users to compile third party modules
 for their virtual machines; since the official packages do not use
 make-kpkg for xen/uml; this does not impact them, and since these are
 new packages that users can create, there is no regression.

        Also includes a tightened dependency  on coreutils, so images
 compiled on Etch will pull in a version of coreutils on Sarge that
 allows the postinst to work.

        Details below.


kernel-package (10.066) unstable; urgency=high
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: Enable -source and -headers packages for Xen
  kernels", thanks to Ian Campbell.  This is a simple change, and should
  have minimal impact on any other package, or on current user built
  packages. The upside is that the previously disabled packages are
  enabled for Xen and UML variants, allowing people to build third party
  modules for Xen adn UML variations -- and even if these were to break
  (they do not, in my testing), there is no regression.  In the future,
  the image and modules packages will be separated, to allow for
  host/guest installs. Official kernel images do not use make-kpkg to
  build kernel or uml images, so the official images or debian-installer
  are not impacted either.                              (Closes: #390881).
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: postinst link_in_boot value set by
  image_in_boot", thanks to Niall Walsh. This was an out-and-out cut and
  paste error; and the fix is very simple (remove offending line). The
  downside is minimal, and current implementation is just wrong. 
                                                         (Closes: #405081).
* Update spanish manual pages, thanks to  Rudy Godoy. He also provided
  patches for spelling errors and style flaws in the English man pages.

* Bug fix: "Typos in manpage", thanks to Goswin Brederlow
                                                         (Closes: #402155).
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: default stem inconsistent with
  documentation", thanks to Lionel Elie Mamane            (Closes: #400697).
* Bug fix: "'man kernel-img' typo: "messgaes"", thanks to
  A. Costa                                                (Closes: #397379).
* Bug fix: "'man kernel-pkg' typos: "Mutualy" and "theversion"", thanks
  to A. Costa                                             (Closes: #397378).
* Bug fix: "make-kpkg clean: leaves scripts/package/Makefile.kpkg-dist
  behind", thanks to Yann Dirson.  This was a simple typo, which
  prevented the naming back scripts/package/Makefile.kpkg-dist to
  scripts/package/Makefile -- making clean not restore the package to
  original state after running build/clean.  There is little downside to
  this typo fix; we rename the Makefile, and we should be restoring it
  in clean.                                               (Closes: #397518).
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: linux-headers doesn't inclue arch-specific
  scripts", thanks to dann frazier. When trying to compile external
  modules on on IA64/McKinley ItaniumII,  the Makefile in arch/ia64/
  needs some scripts from arch/ia64/scripts/ directory. These scripts
  were not so far being shipped. On non ia64, this has no impact on the
  headers package built; on ia64 the changes are required for the
  headers package to have any value.                (Closes: #405494). 
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: kernel image cant be installed when vmlinuz
  link is already", thanks to Kai Sassmannshausen. Actually, the problem
  was not depending on a new enough version of coreutils. See Below.
                                                       (Closes: #407128).
* Bug fix: "kernel-package: dependency problem: kernel package
  installation uses a invalid option of readlink", thanks to Kai
  Sassmannshausen. In release version 10.063, I cleaned up the  postinst
  as while I was at it, going with readlink -q -m instead of the built
  in version. Since -m was a flag not present in Sarge's coreutils, this
  means the generated image files should have a versioned dependency on
  coreutils. The previous versioned dependency was not strict enough,
  updated to a version that works.                      (Closes: #407130).

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