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please unblock udev

Still not perfect, but better than the version currently in testing and
I will need to upload the new one soon.

udev (0.103-2) unstable; urgency=medium

  * permissions.rules: consider all block devices on usb, ieee1394, mmc
    and pcmcia buses to be removable. (Closes: #402622, #402649)
  * Added patch selinux_fix from Russell Coker to correctly label
    symlinks. Already applied upstream. (Closes: #401695)
  * Added patch m32r_syscalls by Kazuhiro Inaoka to fix inotify support
    on m32r systems. Already applied upstream. (Closes: #401826)
  * initramfs.premount premount: create the db directory before starting
    udevd, to catch some early kernel-generated events (this has no
    practical effect since the events will be immediately retriggered).
    Apply the same change to the init script. (Closes: #402320)
  * persistent-net-generator.rules: ignore ath* devices with type=802
    because they have the same MAC address of the "normal" interface and
    cause write_net_rules to write a new bogus rule every time.
    (Closes: #404983)
  * net.agent: improve robustness by checking sysfs instead of the ifstate
    file and removing the timeout. Patch and testing by Joey Hess. 
    (Closes: #403804, #403805)
  * postinst: deal correctly with pipes and sockets in subdirectories of
    /dev when being installed for the first time. (Closes: #404476)
  * New patch raid_endianess_fix backported from upstream udev 104.
  * New debconf templates: da, es, pt_BR, gl, ja, cs.
    (Closes: #400789, #402924, #402927, #403547, #404577, #405316, #405834)

 -- Marco d'Itri <md@linux.it>  Mon,  8 Jan 2007 02:41:01 +0100


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