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Openvpn Sarge Update

Dear [Stable] Release Managers,

Please consider the openvpn_2.0-1sarge4 for inclusion in the next Sarge
update. I consists of a very small fix [1] that has been biting users
since the Sarge release, specially those following the security updates.

The bug [2] makes the init.d fail to start the VPNs again when call with
the 'restart' argument, thus leaving the server without VPN conections.

I tried to push the fix in one of the security updates, since it was
affecting those upgrading, but the sec-team decided not to include it.

So, I ask you to include it in the next upgrade.



p.s. Cc: me on replies since I'm not subscribed

--- openvpn-2.0/debian/openvpn.init.d
+++ openvpn-2.0/debian/openvpn.init.d
@@ -48,8 +48,7 @@
 stop_vpn () {
    kill `cat $PIDFILE` || true
   rm $PIDFILE
-  [ -e /var/run/openvpn.$NAME.status ] \
-    && rm /var/run/openvpn.$NAME.status
+  rm -f /var/run/openvpn.$NAME.status

[2] #337951, #317339, #338162, and some mails with personal threats

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