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Re: New release of gspca (webcams support)

Steve Langasek wrote:
> Neither of which are changes that have been discussed with the release team.
> Why are  such extensive changes being made without discussion to a package
> which it's known will need a reupload for the upcoming kernel ABI change?

from the conglomeration-package point of view, linux-wlan-ng does not
need any discussion with release-team: the issues with it are the
problem of the maintainer, not the kernel-team. remeber that the
conglomeration-package just prebuilds binary modules out of the already
accepted sources.

gspac seems to be wise to have it in etch due to various reasons. in
case it has to be dropped again, that is a one line change and very easy
to do for the conglomeration package /before/ it will enter testing, we
are just speaking about unstable here.

the upcoming abi bump doesn't have to do something with the
conglomeration packages, they needed to be uploaded anyway, and just the
fact of additional uploads to unstable per se do not harm release-team
(if they do, one should maybe consider hard-freezing unstable too).

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