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Re: Typo3 4.0.4 in etch?

On Fri, Jan 12, 2007 at 09:08:50PM +0100, Christian Welzel wrote:

> Is there any chance to get the current packages from unstable of typo3 4.0.4 
> into the upcoming etch?
> The packages in untesting are 12 days in there now without any new bugreport.

> I know that the freeze means that only fixes for important++ bugs are accepted 
> but please consider the short time the packages were in testing before the
> freeze happend. There wasn't much time for the users to submit bugreports.
> Typo3 4.0.4 is a bugfix only release by upstream.
> The source packages affected are typo3-src and typo3-dummy.

No, in fact 4.0.4 was uploaded *after* the beginning of the freeze.  I don't
see anything extraordinary about this update that would warrant making an
exception for this package, over the hundreds of other packages whose
maintainers would like them to be updated for etch.

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