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xbase-clients 1:7.1.ds1-2


I just uploaded xbase-clients 1:7.1.ds1-2 to unstable, and I'd
appreciate if you could accept it in testing.
The debdiff from the version in etch will be quite bloated by the fact
that the directory names inside the tarball have changed (this was done
months ago in svn, but never uploaded).  There are no actual changes
outside the debian/ subdir.  The new package fixes segfaults on startup
in xmore and xdbedizzy, and fixes xman on non-i386 archs.

The real changes are:
        new patch, fix xmore segfault at startup when building without
        xprint support (#365292)
        new patch, fix xdbedizzy segfault at startup when building
        without xprint support (#365291), misplaced preprocessor
        add the two new patches
        update to new directory names, which means changes in the patch
        headers, but no changes to the actual code
        remove Fabio from uploaders and add myself
        - update to new directory names
        - pass MANCONF="etc/manpath.config" to configure, otherwise xman
        doesn't work when built on a system where this file is not
        present (such as buildds), #404757
        new code unused in this package (debian/xsfbs is pulled in via
        svn:externals by most XSF packages)

Please let me know if I can do anything else to make the review of this
package easier, and sorry again for the huge diff.


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