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freeze exception: logcheck 1.2.52 (and 1.2.53)

Dear release team,

Two questions ahead: freeze exception for logcheck 1.2.52 and
request for permission to upload 1.2.53 with urgency high or medium.
See below for reasoning.

As new software is coming into etch, new log messages are appearing
on my systems on a daily basis. I try to update logcheck as fast as
I can. 1.2.52 is due to enter etch tomorrow, and I would appreciate
if you accepted it:


Apart from new filters, the only real change is that postinst now
assigns a Gecos name to the logcheck user, unless one is already
defined. This was done in response to #402800.

Once 1.2.52 is accepted into etch, I would like to upload 1.2.53
with more filter updates (and no functional changes). I am doing so
on the basis of extrapolation from [0].

0. http://people.debian.org/~terpstra/message/20061230.120041.5e431373.en.html

To increase the likelyhood to get it into etch, I would like to do
so with urgency medium or even high. I have been testing
pre-releases[1] on 9 production machines and I feel confident that
there is no harm done in shortening the unstable cycle.

1. http://debian.madduck.net/repo/dists/sid/main/binary-all/admin/

Could I please have permission to set urgency=high on the 1.2.53
upload? If not, can I use medium?


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