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Re: Bug#406329: twinkle_1:0.9-6(ia64/testing): FTBFS: unresolved externals

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On Wednesday 10 January 2007 13:41, lamont@debian.org wrote:
> Version: 1:0.9-6
> Severity: serious

Ouch, especially for a t-p-u package.

> > ../src/audio/libaudio.a(twinkle_rtp_session.o):(.gnu.linkonce.r._ZTCN3ost15TRTPSessionBaseINS_20RTPBaseUDPIPv4SocketES1_NS_9ZrtpQueueEEE0_S2_+0x2b0): undefined reference to `non-virtual thunk [nv:-264] to ost::ZrtpQueue::~ZrtpQueue [in-charge deleting]()'

This appears on the ia64 buildd only ;-( making it a little hard to debug without hardware.  

I'm also a little curious that this is only happening on ia64, if it was a source problem I would imagine it would also be occurring on other arch's as well.

This is also a little suspicious as the last version built on ia64  (0.9-5) had the same version of dependant libraries libcommconpp2, libccrtp & libzrtpcpp.


Perhaps we could reschedule a rebuild, or how can I get the necessary build-deps setup on an ia64, so I can try and debug.


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