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Can I upload sqlalchemy 0.3.3-2 to unstable? (will you unblock it?)


I feel really bad about not having SQLAlchemy 0.3.3 in Etch so I'm
asking for permission to upload 0.3.3-2 (0.3.3-1 from experimental + fix
from 0.3.1-2 which is already in Etch, thanks btw) to unstable.

0.3.2 and 0.3.3 upstream releases were mainly a bug fix releases (one
very important MySQL related bug was fixed) - they're available in
experimental since few weeks and no bugs were reported (except one about
new upstream version being available). These releases were also well
tested by large amount of SQLAlchemy users (mailing list is very

I have talked with upstream author on IRC and he recommends upgrading
to 0.3.3 on all production servers (see also [1] and [2]).

I'm sure that griffith, python-pylons, python-migrate and specially
python-turbogears' users will appreciate it.

I'm attaching upstream changelog with changes from 0.3.1 (debdiff would
be large mainly due to documentation changes)

Please CC: me on replies

[1] http://groups.google.com/group/sqlalchemy/msg/e35c870194a39df8?dmode=source
[2] http://groups.google.com/group/sqlalchemy/msg/5ff8500fa1a5f770?dmode=source

- string-based FROM clauses fixed, i.e. select(..., from_obj=["sometext"])
- fixes to passive_deletes flag, lazy=None (noload) flag
- added example/docs for dealing with large collections
- added object_session() method to sqlalchemy namespace
- fixed QueuePool bug whereby its better able to reconnect to a database
that was not reachable (thanks to Sébastien Lelong), also fixed dispose()
- patch that makes MySQL rowcount work correctly! [ticket:396]
- fix to MySQL catch of 2006/20014 errors

- major connection pool bug fixed.  fixes MySQL out of sync
errors, will also prevent transactions getting rolled back
accidentally in all DBs [ticket:387]
- major speed enhancements vs. 0.3.1, to bring speed
back to 0.2.8 levels 
  - made conditional dozens of debug log calls that were 
  time-intensive to generate log messages
  - fixed bug in cascade rules whereby the entire object graph
  could be unnecessarily cascaded on the save/update cascade
  - various speedups in attributes module
- identity map in Session is by default *no longer weak referencing*.
to have it be weak referencing, use create_session(weak_identity_map=True)
fixes [ticket:388]
- MySQL detects errors 2006 (server has gone away) and 2014
(commands out of sync) and invalidates the connection on which it occured.
- MySQL bool type fix: [ticket:307]
- postgres reflection fixes: [ticket:349] [ticket:382]
- assign_mapper in assignmapper extension returns the created mapper
- added label() function to Select class, when scalar=True is used
to create a scalar subquery 
i.e. "select x, y, (select max(foo) from table) AS foomax from table"
- added onupdate and ondelete keyword arguments to ForeignKey; propigate
to underlying ForeignKeyConstraint if present.  (dont propigate in the
other direction, however)
- fix to session.update() to preserve "dirty" status of incoming object
- sending a selectable to an IN via the in_() function no longer creates 
a "union" out of multiple selects; only one selectable to a the in_() function
is allowed now (make a union yourself if union is needed)
- improved support for disabling save-update cascade via cascade="none" etc.
- added "remote_side" argument to relation(), used only with self-referential
mappers to force the direction of the parent/child relationship.  replaces
the usage of the "foreignkey" parameter for "switching" the direction.
"foreignkey" argument is deprecated for all uses and will eventually
be replaced by an argument dedicated to ForeignKey specification on mappers.

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