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Re: why does gaim-data conflict+replace gaim?

The conflicts & replaces on gaim-data was done for unstable, not
experimental, and was due to moving gaim.desktop and the dbus service
into gaim-data. It might have only needed a Replaces, but I'm not really
sure I can justify an upload to etch to change this.

On Tue, 2007-01-09 at 11:55 -0500, Justin Pryzby wrote:
> Why does gaim-data conflict+replace: gaim?  This causes gaim to be
> removed (and later reinstalled) during etch dist-upgrades.
> The changelog says that Ari added this to close a bug (#289873) with
> overlapping files (Replaces alone should have been sufficient), and the
> conflict was later removed.  It is tagged {fixed-in-,}experimental, so
> versions outside of exp shouldn't even need it (my understanding is that
> the files were only ever overlapping in experimental, and that moving
> files between packages was never intended.  If it was, then replaces is
> probably necessary).
> Justin

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