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Re: aiccu license

On Sun, Jan 07, 2007 at 12:02:51PM +0100, Pim van Pelt wrote:
> We will change the aiccu license on our next release. Let us say, for
> arguments sake, that we release our next version on Wednesday January 
> 10th (providing we can get everything done before that time), and the
> license will be an unaltered BSD license. Will aiccu be included in the
> next stable Debian under main ?

I don't believe so. The Release Managers could do so if they chose, but
I expect it's much much too late to hit that time window.

The transition from non-free to main will have to go through the
FTP Masters anyway, and that's a non-trivial delay generally.

However, I expect it'd be a likely candidate to get uploaded to
backports.org once it is in the Debian archive.

|| I'd be interested also if the Debian Maintainer (CC'd via the relevant
|| bug report) feels this change would be sufficient to clarify the license
|| text to match the FAQ and various reported email exchanges and hence
|| allow aiccu to be included in the Debian distribution.

> Anand, can you comment on that, taking into account our relicense above ?
> Our goals are to have the latest aiccu in Debian (main), and definately
> the current one in Debian removed, because it is broken and hurting our 
> users.

And of course a version going into main would be a good impetus to kick
the old version out of Etch, where it's doing more harm than good I

I've CC'd this to debian-release on the off-chance that it's in their
sights regarding freeze-breakage, but frankly, I think we're three
months too late on this one.

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