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unblock for kde packages - round 3


Please, unblock the following packages:

* kdebase (4:3.5.5a.dfsg.1-5)
HE update the unblock a couple of days ago, but we asked him to remove
the unblock after we were sure the last patch worked well. 
Modestas Vainius did an awesome work and the bug seems totally solved now =)

* qt-x11-free (3:3.3.7-2)
Two minor changes: fixed typo in description and added a depend of gdb to 
qt3-x11-free-dbg (needed if you want to create backtraces...)

Also, and more important, added a patch 61_fcfontmatch_fontwidth_fix.dpatch,
copying from the changelog:
       Fix font matching with fontconfig. This resolves inconsistency with
       determining font width (e.g. Dejavu Sans "Condensed" may get selected
       instead of "Book" for Sans Serif font) for default fonts (Sans Serif,
       Serif and Monospace). This bug is very important because it makes
       default KDE fonts look ugly in most cases.

* kdetoys (4:3.5.5-3)
Data update: canadian and lithuanian weather stations.

And added a patch to fix a nasty bug that made kweather unusable out-of-the-box 
without a ugly workaround (#348459).


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