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Re: New upload of python-libgmail

On Tue, Jan 02, 2007 at 11:10:34AM -0800, Sebastien Delafond wrote:
> I just uploaded a new version of python-libgmail to the archive (sid,
> priority=normal): it closes #405304, which is of severity "important"
> (it will break basic functionality for many many users).

> libgmail's last upstream release was in August 2006, so I had to
> package a CVS snapshot to fix the problem: there is unfortunately no
> way I can pinpoint what specific change in the past 5 month fixes this
> problem, hence the new version (

> There hasn't been any major code overhaul in libgmail since their
> latest official release, though, so I trust this should be fine, and
> hopefully this package can make it in etch if you so decide.

No, it's not fine.  The time for new upstream versions is past; the freeze
policy allows for targetted fixes only, and by your own admission this
update is anything but a targetted fix.

If you and upstream could manage to identify an isolated fix for bug
#405304, that would be accepted; a 3000-line upstream diff will not.

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