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[Lennart Poettering <lennart@poettering.net>] nss-mdns 0.9


 I'm forwarding a message from the upstream author of nss-mdns; he
 recommends pushing the new upstream release of this library to fix
 Debian bug #404266.

 This release also introduces a change to not honor the search domains
 of resolv.conf.

 I'm attaching the diff of the upstream tarballs as well as the diffstat
 for you to review.

 (I'm the last NMUer of nss-mdns and propose myself to prepare a NMU for
 this upstream release as well; Cc:ing the maintainer.)

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
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Just a quick update on nss-mdns/Avahi:

I hope you noticed this announcement:


Updating nss-mdns to 0.9 in Debian will fix #404266, which is quite
problematic. I'd really like to see this new release part of Debian in
time for etch.

Please also note that I wrote up this text in the Avahi wiki:


It describes the problems with ".local" as unicast domain when using
Avahi. When updating nss-mnds/Avahi the next time, please refer to
this text from both README.Debian!

That wiki page also contains a suggestion for the DHCP/resolvconf hook

#392813 and #404534 should probably be merged. And closed when
avahi-domain eventually ships with that hook script.

Anyone knows why #392583 is fixed but still shown under "open" bugs? Confusing!

Thank you for your work on the Avahi/nss-mdns packages!


Lennart Poettering; lennart [at] poettering [dot] net
ICQ# 11060553; GPG 0x1A015CC4; http://0pointer.net/lennart/

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