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Re: Please let tetex-bin 3.0-28 go into testing

Florent Rougon wrote:
> Dear release managers,
> I'd like to ask you to let tetex-bin 3.0-28 enter testing (after the
> usual 10 days, unless the release goes so fast that we need to make that
> shorter ;-).
> This upload was done to fix bug #402763, which is harmless but rather
> ugly.
> The changes between 3.0-27 and 3.0-28 are IMHO risk-free and bring two
> improvements:
>   1. Fix bug #402763.
>   2. Fix the man page for mktexlsr: the program's behavior was slighlty
>      modified in tetex-bin 3.0-27 but this modification remained
>      undocumented until 3.0-28 (however, only misguided users[1] should be
>      affected by the modification).




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