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Re: ORBit2-2.14.4-1

Sebastian Rittau wrote:
Dear Release Team!

Loic Minier (CC'ed) contacted me, because he wants to see ORBit 2.14.4
in etch. He says that he has problems with 2.14.3-0.1 (the current
version) that 2.14.4 fix. I've now prepared ORBit2 2.14.4-1 [1] and am
currently testing it, but I don't expect major problems, since ORBit is
fairly stable and GNOME has a sane release policy. Is there any chance
to get this version into etch, if it proves to be stable? The main
change between 2.14.3 and 2.14.4 is the addition of timeout code, which
avoids possible hands. Apart from the there's mainly code cleanups and
warning fixes.

It's hard to tell without seeing the actual diff... Uploading might be one way to do that :-)



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