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Re: Repackaging question

Marcus Better writes:
> Andrew Haley wrote:
> >  > It's a good idea to remove generated javadoc and jar files and classes.
> > 
> > Very much so.  Unless you build from source, you have no way to know
> > that the binaries correspond to that source code.  You can't even
> > guarantee that you're not violating the GPL, which requires you to
> > provide source code on demand.
> That may be a valid argument, but there are more troubling cases. For
> instance we ship a lot of packages that build with Maven, but since we
> don't have Maven in Debian, we use the included, pre-generated, Ant build
> file instead. What should we do about those?

if these packages are in main, file a RC report and remove them, at
least from testing.  I don't care that much about contrib. Such
packages may exist in non-free.

Then package maven and maven2.

which packages are these?


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