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please ublock fail2ban

Dear Release Team,

I didn't make it quite in time: testing has 0.7.4-3 whenever unstable
0.7.5-2 - ie 1 upstream release away.
0.7.5 upstream release is ia bugfix release though

* closes 2 debian bugs (Closes: 400162, 400278) which can be
  encountered by many users but none of which is higher than
  normal priority (unfortunately ;-))

* fixes few other bugs which never hit Debian user yet

* extends documentation

Besides that

which never made into testing due to upload of 0.7.5
was extending documentation (Closes: 398739) which might be very beneficial
to have in the new release. 

refines the warning and NEWS entry for users upgrading
from 0.6 releases of fail2ban (present in backports of sarge). Proper
announcement on that transition is quite important for anyone using
fail2ban since configuration files scheme was changed drastically.
Closes: 402350

If no fresh RC bugs get filed within 10 days I would consider this
release of fail2ban very worth been included into the next stable
release of Debian.

Thank you in advance

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