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please let mplayer into testing

hi everybody

MPlayer did never enter into etch due to bug 395252.

Brief summary of bug:  MPlayer contains an embedded copy of FFmpeg
(indeed, they are developed by ~the same people); Aurélien GÉRÔME and
Moritz Muehlenhoff ask that the mplayer package be dynamically linked to
 the libraries in the Debian package ffmpeg; they consider this a RC bug.

Unfortunately, this cannot be currently done (mplayer does not compile
with current ffmpeg package;  and we are too late to update ffmpeg into
Etch ; more details are in the above bug report).

So we agreed to ignore that problem for the sake of the etch release

Please hint MPlayer into Etch.


PS: actually, I personally do not agree to this bug being tagged
"serious" . We all know that  dynamical linking is the recommended way
to go (as stated in d-policy);  but currently neither mplayer is apt to
this (dynamic linking breaks many features); nor is ffmpeg, that does
not have a stable documented API. And indeed most multimedia packages
ship an internal copy of ffmpeg; some of these packages can be linked
dynamically to the ffmpeg in Debian (e.g. libxine1) but some others
cannot (e.g. gst-ffmpeg). AFAIK, "dynamic linking to ffmpeg Debian
package" was never stated as a "release goal". So I really do not  think
that bug 395252 should be "serious". What is the opinion of the
d-release people?

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