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Re: Please hint wl-beta into etch

On December 11, 2006 at 6:06PM +0100,
he (at ftwca.de) wrote:

> Tatsuya Kinoshita <tats@debian.org> writes:
> > Please allow wl-beta_2.15.5+0.20061203-1 into etch.  It is 7 days
> > old, and no RC bugs.
> >
> > It is a new upstream version and the diff is not small, but the
> > changes are mostly bug fixes, and no new/significant features.
> Sorry, I will not add a unblock hint for this package. The diff is too
> big for the few bug-fixes included in the new version.

I've checked that the most important bug was fixed by a 2 line patch.

Could you please allow wl-beta_2.15.4+0.20061015-2 with the 2 line
patch to fix an IMAP connection bug for testing-proposed-updates
to replace wl-beta_2.15.4+0.20061015-1?

If so, I'll submit an important bug to BTS, and close the bug by
uploading it.

Tatsuya Kinoshita

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