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Re: python-numeric: Fails to build 2.3 version


On Thu, 30 Nov 2006, Daniel Schepler wrote:
> > This is the normal behaviour of the package since in sid python2.3 is no
> > more marked as supported in /usr/share/python/debian_defaults ...
> It seems to me that it's a bad idea to make this change in sid while the old 
> python packages are frozen in etch.  The result will be: if anybody uploads 
> updated versions of their python packages, they will get autobuilt against 
> the sid packages and thus have no 2.3 contact, which is out of sync with what 
> would happen with people wanting to hand-build their packages locally using 
> etch.

And how is this a problem ? It's not technical problem... it's at most a
problem of consistency in the packages built, some will provide support
for 2.3 and 2.4 while other will only support 2.4.

I'm not the one who decided it, it's Matthias who manages solely the
python packages (despite my numerous attemps to push collaborative
maintenance on those packages).

Given that the new python-defaults has been there for a full month
already, it's a bit late to revert this change (although it should be easy
since all affected packages should be bin-NMUable).

> I think you should decide whether you want python2.3 to be supported in etch 
> or not.  If you do, you should revert the changes in sid until after the etch 
> release; if you don't, you need to ask the release team to let the new python 
> packages into etch despite the freeze of "base toolchain" packages, and also 
> prepare a list of appropriate binNMU's needed to sync up the packages in sid 
> with this change.

Matthias's goal has always been to get rid of python2.3 completely. It's
likely doable. And I discussed on #debian-release their move to etch, it
will likely happen soon (after my recent NMUs which fixed some issues
related to that change).

Raphaël Hertzog

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