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Re: Permission to upload libxslt 1.1.19

On Thu, Nov 30, 2006 at 08:55:22AM +0100, Andreas Barth <aba@not.so.argh.org> wrote:
> * Mike Hommey (mh@glandium.org) [061130 08:40]:
> > All of which, except the python detection problem, have already been
> > applied to 1.1.18-2 and -3... which means there won't be an shlib bump.
> > I think it's better to have 1.1.19 in etch than an 1.1.19-looking
> > 1.1.18 for user understanding.
> One question: Why does rubrica conflict with the current libxslt in
> unstable? I would prefer to wait till -3 managed to go to Etch, and have
> the new version uploaded afterwards.

rubrica depends on python2.3-libxslt which doesn't exist from 1.1.17-2,
released in July (and migrated to testing the same month)...
I don't understand how rubrica is preventing 1.1.18-3 to propagate while
1.1.18-1 went in without a problem (and at that time, the very same
version of rubrica was in testing)... and how rubrica migrated to etch
(which happened in october) in the first place when its dependencies
were not satisfied...


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