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Heads up: planned uploads for directfb for D-I

Dearest RMs,

Only very recently Attilio Fiandrotti (our g-i guru) has been able to 
solve two fairly serious issues in the graphical installer.
We now know how to fix them and both fixes will require an upload of 

The first issue is completely broken touchpad support, important for 
installations on laptops. The patch for this has been tested successfully 
on various machines and is ready for upload now.

The second issue is even more important: a crash of the graphical 
installer on AMD64 when switching consoles.
Cause turned out to be the use of pthread_cancel() for which only on AMD64 
a library (libgcc_s) is needed that was not included in images and for 
which no udeb is currently available.
The upstream maintainer of directfb is currently working on a patch to 
remove that call (which he says is evil anyway). We will test that patch 
ASAP and coordinate a second upload of directfb with that patch with 

Though these issues are probably not RC, we hope that you will allow us to 
fix them in time for Etch as they are the currently the most important 
issues affecting the usability of the graphical installer.
The one remaining important issue is incomplete support of non-US keymaps 
(dead keys and combining characters).


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