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Re: a few comments on the release notes

On Thursday 16 November 2006 01:02, peter green wrote:
> 1: the doc-base thing seems to have been copied straight from the sarge
> notes, iirc this was caused by the old version of doc-base in woody so
> it shouldn't be an issue for sarge-etch upgrades. Can anyone
> confirm/refute this.

Hello Robert,

The Release Notes for Sarge contained the following section which was 
needed to ensure a smooth upgrade from Woody to Sarge.

!  4.4.3 Upgrading doc-base
!  If you have doc-base installed, it must be upgraded before the rest of
!  the system too. Reason is that it may fail if perl is upgraded at the
!  same time. You can find out if it is installed using: 
!      # dpkg -l doc-base
!  If the line of output begins with "i" then it is installed and must be
!  upgraded before continuing. 
!      # aptitude install doc-base

Can you confirm that this is no longer an issue for Sarge->Etch upgrades 
and that this section can be dropped from the Etch release notes?

Frans Pop

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