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New Xapian packages ready to upload


I prepared some updated xapian packages last week, prior to the "soft
freeze" announcement.  Unfortunately they've not been uploaded yet as my
sponsor (cc:-ed on this message) has been having problems updating his
pbuilder environment.

Currently unstable and testing both have version 0.9.7-1 of xapian-core
and 0.9.7-2 of xapian-omega and xapian-bindings.

The packages I've prepared are based on a new upstream release (0.9.9),
but I believe they're suitable for consideration for etch as the
upstream changes between 0.9.7 and 0.9.9 are essentially all bug fixes
with two exceptions: there's a test-suite restructuring which shouldn't
affect building the debian packages (the test suite isn't run by the
packaging scripts as it's very resource intensive) and the PostScript
documentation has been replaced by PDF (it's shipped prebuilt in the
upstream tarballs so this just required a simple path update in the
debian packaging).

The upstream 0.9.9 release was 12 days ago and only 2 issues have cropped
up since.  Neither was introduced recently, and I've included patches
for both in the 0.9.9-1 debian packages.

These packages have no reverse dependencies outside of each other, so
there's no risk of breaking other packages.  Also these packages weren't
in sarge, so they could simply be dropped from etch if the worst came to
the worst (not that this is at all likely to be required - I don't
expect breakage, and I expect to be able to promptly fix any that
occurs, but I think it's good to consider the worst case scenario).

This upload will also fix an "important" bug:

"xapian-bindings: missing binary-indep target in debian/rules (Policy 4.9)"


OK to upload to unstable?


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