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New upstream release of gtk2-engines (2.8.2)


 FYI, a new upstream release of gtk2-engines will probably be uploaded
 this WE by someone from the GNOME team.  It contains only bug fixes.
 gtk2-engines ships an udeb, it will need approval by someone from g-i;
 it will be sought after a couple of days in unstable.

 I'm attaching the announce email with the NEWS of this release.

Loïc Minier <lool@dooz.org>
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       Module: gtk-engines
      Version: 2.8.2
  Uploaded by: Thomas Wood

  md5sum: b9b29683d300ff1486f7384c298a8a19
    size: 656K

  md5sum: 0c5b0254b57910b1ebcda47ac6a3b1ba
    size: 456K


Overview of Changes in 2.8.2 (since 2.8.1)

Hilights in this release include:

	- Don't draw boxes around handles on gnome-panels in Mist
	- Add a --disable-all option, so that it is possible to build one
	  engine without requiring to disable every other engine manually.
	- Various changes to avoid expensive code paths in cairo
	- Fix background fill for redmond slider widgets (GtkScale)
	- Improvements in Crux arrows and scrollbar troughs
	- Fixes to enable gtk-engines to compile on win32 with VC++
	- Set some "Redmond" style icon sizes in the Redmond theme
See the ChangeLog for full details of other smaller fixes and enhancements.

Fixed bugs in this release:

Bug 364750 - Menu separator, tear off dash lines and option menu lines changed shading style
Bug 352602 - When accessing parent styles, engines shouldn't assume same type
Bug 366716 - mist_style_draw_shadow is missing a SHADOW_NONE test

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