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Re: ktorrent 2.0.3+dfsg1-2 propagation into testing

On Thu, Nov 16, 2006 at 10:59:00AM -0800, Joel Johnson wrote:
> I'm requesting that ktorrent 2.0.3+dfsg1-2 be considered for propagation to 
> Etch. The initial 2.0.3 release fixed several performance and locking issues, 
> and the -2 corrected a FTBFS in build configs.

2.0.3+dfsg1-2 is still missing a build on one release architecture
(sparc). The first build attempt failed due to uninstallable
dependencies of kdelibs4-dev on auric, but for some reason the package
is still listed as "building"... As I have another package similarily
stuck at spontini I'm wondering whether there is something strange
going on on sparc at the moment...
CC to the sparc builld maintainers added so they can possibly comment
and - hopefully - requeue the package.

> Rationale: The impact of the propagation is extremely low, and the newer 
> version contains some useful improvements for users.



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