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Updated e2fsprogs that should be consided for etch

Hi, I just uploaded e2fsprogs 1.39+1.40-WIP-2006.11.14+dfsg-1 to
unstable, and while we still need to wait for the settling time, I
thought I should mention now that I'd like to have this package version
considered for etch.  A list of changes in this package version that
justifies why I believe this version should really be included in etch:

* E2fsck -c and mke2fs -c will give a spurious error because they were
  previously trying to check one more block than the block device has.
  (This was caused by a botched fix to #386475 --- my fault, and fixed
  in this release.)

* If there are corrupted directories with directory hashing enabled on
  architectures with unsigned characters (powerpc, arm, s/390) e2fsck
  will choke on the filesystem and incorrectly fix them in a way which
  is incompatible with the kernel running on those platforms.  (#389772)

* Fix a type-punning bug which caused crashes on Arm, and could
  potentially cause failures on other platforms.  (#397044)

* Fixed a DFSG issue where the current e2fsprogs tarball accidentally
  had the an Internet-Draft included even though it had a +dfsg version
  tag.  My bad, fixed in this release, and I've double checked twice.
  :-)   (#390664)

Thanks, regards,

						- Ted

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