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Re: pciutils frozen

On Mon, Nov 13, 2006 at 05:47:27PM +0100, Tim Dijkstra wrote:

> > You wrote in the 396640 bug log:

> > > Indeed, libpci.a now depends on libz, but pciutils-dev doesn't have a
> > > dependency reflecting this -- nor, for that matter, is there any facility in
> > > pciutils-dev that lets consumers of this library know what other libs one
> > > needs to link against!  Seeing now that pciutils-dev *only* provides a
> > > static library, it seems that this is going to require quite a few source
> > > changes in the reverse-dependencies, so I'm pre-emptively freezing pciutils
> > > in etch at its current version to avoid adding 11 new release-critical bugs
> > > to etch unnecessarily.

> > Does this mean all reverse depends are effectively frozen as well? I was hoping
> > I could do one more upload which fixes some small bugs (translation, removing one 
> > spurious file) in uswsusp. Also there a serious bug (#397214) opened against 
> > my package, for which I maybe need to do an upload. I'm not sure that it is a 
> > real serious bug yet, though.

> Replying to myself: Because it's a _static_ library there is no dependency on
> pciutils... 

Correct -- you just need to ensure that your package will build with both
the testing and the unstable versions of pciutils.

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