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Re: fai-kernels for etch

> I already discussed this with Dann Frazier (bcc:ed), who said doing security 
> support for fai-kernels is no problem. (After all, it's just adding a 
> changelog entry and rebuilding the package once a new linux-source-$version 
> is available.)
> So I have one question: should I *now* (let someone) upload a new version of 
> fai-kernels with build-depends on linux-source-2.6.18 and then open a RC bug 
> to prevent it from migrating to etch? 
> Or should I wait with an upload until 2.6.18 has entered etch? I fear that the 
> freeze will happen then... Though as there are no big changes in fai-kernels 
> planned, I think a review of fai-kernels is painless.

I guess the latter is preferred, 2.6.18 seems really close to entering testing
really soon. But that's mostly up to Dann, he should know best.


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