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Re: Notice and explanation for three uploads of frozen packages

Manoj Srivastava wrote:
> Hi,

Hi Manoj

>         I have made three uploads of packages that are currently
>  frozen, and here are the usual excuses.
>  a) libselinux: The python-selinux package was mostly empty when run
>     on buildd's since sometimes a timing problem when creating the
>     source from .dsc makes make think that the swig output files are
>     older than swig input files. Corrected by adding swig to build
>     depends; no other code changes; and the swig output is only used
>     by the optional package selinux-python.
>    Please allow into testing; I think the risk is minimal, and this is
>    a serious error (running a SELinux box is much harder without the
>    helper python scripts).

Hint added.

>  b) coreutils NMU: There were three assignments statements that I had
>     failed to guard with an #ifdef WITH_SELINUX .. #endif. These are
>     struct members which only exist when compiling with
>     --with-selinux; and cause a FTBS failure on kfreebsd and the
>     HURD. This is the only change.
>    Please allow into testing; this is a cleaner patch, and should make
>    no difference for Linux arches.

I can't see the new version (5.97-5.2?) in the archive yet...

>  c) kernel-package:  With recent versions of upstream kernels, Kbuild
>     helpfully, and interactively, tries to fix kernel .configs if it
>     deems them broken.  Tis could happen if you have an old .config,
>     or you have a .config that contains questions inserted by patches
>     not yet installed in the kernel source tree.

>         I am not yet asking for kernel-package to be included in
>  testing, since I would like some field testing of my patches first.

Ok, we'll review it properly when it's ready for testing. Changes look sane on
a first view.



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