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Replacing thunderbird with icedove

afaict there are currently no hints for getting rid of thunderbird and
letting icedove in instead.

remove thunderbird/

icedove has one rc-bug currently (#395095), it contains non-free rfc
documents. However this bug applies to both thunderbird and icedove,
as their source tarballs are identical:

ametzler@merkel:$ md5sum /org/ftp.root/debian/pool/main/i/icedove/icedove_1.5.0.7.orig.tar.gz  /org/ftp.root/debian/pool/main/t/thunderbird/thunderbird_1.5.0.7.orig.tar.gz
4e43a174c53adf09382a4f959b86abe6  /org/ftp.root/debian/pool/main/i/icedove/icedove_1.5.0.7.orig.tar.gz
4e43a174c53adf09382a4f959b86abe6  /org/ftp.root/debian/pool/main/t/thunderbird/thunderbird_1.5.0.7.orig.tar.gz

I am going to submit a bug against ftp.d.o to get rid of thunderbird in sid, too.

cu andreas
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