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Please update bisonc++ in testing to version 1.5.0-1

Hello Debian Release,
	Please allow the new version of bisonc++ 1.5.0-1 to propagate
into testing.  It fixes a known problem with some grammars (#395291) which is 
now resolved. This bug is normal (more like a heads-up one) and the old 
version is still usable, but the solution provided to this challenge deserves 
to hit Etch. There are no new dependencies involved in this release, no 
packages depends or build-depends on bisonc++ [1] (yet;-). Note, that this is 
not bison++, but its successor `bisonC++' ;-)


[1] according to: ara -list 'depends:/bisonc++/ or build-depends:/bisonc++/'

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