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Re: Bug#396331: upgrade-reports: sarge to etch removes kernels

On 10/31/06, Ryan Finnie <ryan@finnie.org> wrote:
The etch libc6 Conflicts: initrd-tools (<<, however the etch
initrd-tools *IS*  So yeah, there is a problem (supposedly
fixed in sid) with conflict resolution.  As it turns out, you can
continue to use 2.6.8 on an etch machine, as long as you keep hotplug
and don't install udev.

Excuse me, it seems this only happens when you do "aptitude -f install
aptitude" (as the release notes suggest) (actually, it'll happen when
you install anything that depends on libc6).  "aptitude -f
dist-upgrade" alone, using sarge's aptitude, tries to remove all

So, should the release notes not encourage people to install an
updated aptitude before dist-upgrading?  As a workaround, I did find
that if you "aptitude -f install initrd-tools", it just updates
initrd-tools and no other packages.  So:

1. aptitude -f install initrd-tools
2. aptitude -f install aptitude
3. aptitude -f dist-upgrade

This procedure allows you to upgrade aptitude before the main
dist-upgrade, but it when done in this order, does not delete your

Ryan Finnie

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